Entertainment Books Are Only $9.99 Now!

Entertainment Books Are Only $9.99 Now!

Quick post! If you're not yet the proud owner of a 2012 Entertainment coupon book, you can buy one right now for only $9.99 and free shipping.

The regular price is $35, but they're only $9.99 just now. As I was going through checkout, there was a banner that stated free shipping is available, and it would usually be $1.99 for that. It shows up as $1.99 until you get to the final page, where it discounts the shipping to zero. Plus, if you want to pre-order next year's book, you can actually get $5 off today's order. Just note that you would be pre-ordering the 2013 edition for full price.

The coupons in the 2012 edition of the Entertainment Book are good until November 2012, so you've got the rest of the summer and autumn to make use of them.

Just as an example, the Winnipeg book has over $12k worth of local coupons. There'd be no way that you would use every single coupon. But chances are that even making use of one or two of the coupons in the book, and you would recoup your initial spend.

(Expires 4th July 2012)


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