Entertainment Book: 20% Off & Free Shipping

Entertainment Book: 20% Off & Free Shipping

Get the 2012 Entertainment Book and save $10 get 20% off + get free shipping. If you want to get another gift for yourself or a friend, it will cost you only $20! You have until 17th November, 2011 to get this deal!

You can start using the 2012 Entertainment Guide immediately and the books are good until 1st November, 2012.

Terms & Conditions of Entertainment Book Membership Offer

  • The 2012 Entertainment Book is a part of your 2012 Entertainment Membership.
  • All books are $10 off retail price with FREE standard shipping.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon, points, rewards programs or gift card programs.
  • All prices and discounts referenced are in U.S. dollars.

You can pick up a local book for yourself and perhaps a second book as a gift or a location you are visiting anytime in the next year. Often there are a few high value coupons you will use that will more than pay for the price of your book!

Most books are on sale for $25 (reg. $35) with a couple more expensive ones like Vancouver & Fraser Valley priced at $40 (reg. $50).


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  • Maya
    I definitely want to buy one as I really enjoyed my Entertainment Book last year, but through the link I'm not seeing how to get the $10 off. It looks on their website like the books are all 20% off (which is an $8 discount for the Ottawa book that I want.) Is there a way to get an additional $10 off? In any case, the book is a great deal! Just going out for one dinner at the fancy restaurants in the front of the book will almost save you the cost of the book. My fiancee and I also used a lot of "buy one get one free burger" coupons at various fast food restaurants and I was able to treat friends to free coffees and lunches a few times. I love it!
    • Anna
      It looks like the offer has changed to 20% off now