25% off Valentine's Day Sale @ Enso Rings

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25% off Valentine's Day Sale @ Enso Rings

Now here's a practical Valentine's Day Sale I can get behind. If you've been curious about silicone rings (or want to replace one you already own), check this out: they're just about ALL 25% off at Enso Rings! I'm not sure how long this event will last, so all I can say is that I recommend shopping soon.

I wear my original engagement and wedding rings every single day, and I pretty much only take them off to shower, work out or get my nails done. I love them, but I've been starting to reconsider keeping them on my finger when I go to the beach or clean my house ... and that's where a silicone ring might come in handy.

I like the idea of wearing a stack, maybe with something like this Beaded Stackable Silicone Ring, along with one of their Braided Stackable Silicone Ring. Now, I just need a third one to complete the set!

The 25% discount has already been applied to qualifying products, so you don't have to worry about entering a promo code at checkout. First, let me say that these prices are LOW. Like, you don't need to freak out if you lose one of these wedding bands, because you could probably replace it with the change in your wallet.

But here's what really impresses me. Enso carries rings in my size! I had to special order my bridal set, and I've only ever been able to buy one Pandora ring – but Enso stocks most designs in sizes 3 through 12 for women and sizes 7 to 14 for men. Plus, you can even add engraving to your order!

If you're not entirely sure what a silicone ring is or why you might want to wear one, I'd take a quick peek at our Guide to Enso Rings. There, you'll find info about who should consider investing in these rings and how Enso compares to other silicone wedding-ring brands on the market in Canada and around the world.

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