Empire Theaters: Toonie Matinees for Spring Break

Empire Theaters: Toonie Matinees for Spring Break

Empire Theaters is making sure that you don't just have to be a kid to enjoy Spring Break this year.  They are offering toonie matinees for Spring Break for people of all ages.

This deal is at selected theaters but from the extensive list they mention, it looks like most of the theaters are included to me.  Since each city and Province has different dates for their individual Spring Breaks, there is a list of the specific dates for each city when you can take advantage of the Toonie Matinees.  The first lucky place is New Brunswick starting 5th March and the last place to get this deal is Alberta and Newfoundland getting it starting 9th April.

The movies that are included will be listed 1 week prior to the scheduled program start date.  Please note show times and film selection varies by location. Toonie Matinee titles will run Monday through Friday during each regions scheduled break.  As an added bonus, they are offering a special  popcorn combo deal for just $7.50.

If your kids are off for Spring Break and you are stuck for some ideas, this is an affordable fun thing to do with them that they will enjoy!

(Expiry: Different for each city)


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