Eden Cloth Diapering: Chai Wrap Tai Baby Carrier $50.00 - $62.00 (Reg. $98.00 - $110.00)

Eden Cloth Diapering: Chai Wrap Tai Baby Carrier $50.00 - $62.00 (Reg. $98.00 - $110.00)

Eden Cloth Diapering is closing, and their remaining inventory is on sale. Only the Chai Wrap Tai Baby Carriers are left, and they are on sale for approx. 50% off. Regularly $98.00 - $110.00 a piece get your own baby carrier for only $50.00 - $62.00.

The short straps are $50, the long straps cost $62.

About these baby carriers:

  • Wide, wrap-style straps disperse baby's weight over the wearer's entire torso
  • Traditional mei tai carrier body allows for ease of use
  • Hammock style 'seat' for baby promotes correct spinal formation
  • Versatile carrying positions, including front (forward facing, outward facing), back (waistband at hips, waistband at chest/Tibetan style), and hip
  • Soft, adjustable carrier body makes it perfect for the tinest newborn and the chunkiest toddler
  • Sleeping hood with adjustable snapping system
  • No fabric comes between baby and the wearer, allowing for skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding

They have a VERY informative video on how to put one of these on, I urge you to watch if you have any questions about these. The research behind 'wearing your baby' is very positive as to the many benefits your baby receives. I am sad that they are closing: I am not quite ready to have a kid yet, but I was planning on getting one of these when I do have one.


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