15% Off Steel Containers + Eco Chic Back To School Items On Sale @ RockPrettyKids.ca

15% Off Steel Containers + Eco Chic Back To School Items On Sale @ RockPrettyKids.ca

RPkids, (which stands for Rock Pretty Kids), offers modern, unique and eco chic products for kids age 3 - 8 years old and even older. The Canadian company is based out of Calgary, AB and was founded by a group of mothers who saw a need for specific products for kids, such as the ones they sell.

There are actually 3 stores in 1 within the website, so you may want to click through to the baby (RockPrettyBaby) and beauty store (4URPretty) as well, to check out the range of products they sell. (The other two stores will always show on the upper left hand side of the website.)

You will only have 1 checkout for all 3 stores, so that makes it easier and saves on shipping, too!

The products you see on this website are unique and durable. Most importantly, these are products that your kids will love! Check out some of my picks from the sale selection items, below.

Your child will be smiling at lunch when they see this cute Snail Lunchkit by 3 Sprouts. It's on sale for only $8! The reg. price is $15.

Sick of regular plastic sandwich bags? This Colibri - Large Reusable Food Bag in a fun monkey pattern is far more fun than a barrel of monkeys because the expression on these little guys' faces is so cute! Using a reusable wrap for food like this is an excellent way to store sandwiches, bagels, muffins and little munchy snacks, too. I like that it has a water resistant liner and is completely food safe! It's $6.75, down from $9.00. There's also an emergency truck themed one as well.

Wouldn't it be fun for your child to take some Crayon Rocks to school? These are a bit sneaky too; they were designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles, preparing fingers and hands for printing! These are made from natural soy and are coloured with mineral pigments to produce vibrant colours that can be layered to make textured art work. These are on sale for $9.75, down from $13.00.

Neoprene is an excellent idea for a backback and RockPrettyKids carries this Jellybones butterfly and skull backpack that's on sale for only $10, down from $40. That's a huge savings! These backpack designs are exclusive to RockPrettyKids, so your child won't have the same backpack as everybody else.

The more I look, the more I find that I want to buy! If you order over $75 shipping is free, otherwise shipping will be a flat rate fee of only $8.


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