eBay Deals: iPad, Touch, iPhone Touch Stylus Pen for $5.99

eBay Deals: iPad, Touch, iPhone Touch Stylus Pen for $5.99


These things usually cost a pretty penny so this is a great deal, at 70% off! Tired of smudgy fingers on your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch? Get a Black Box Stylus Pen and let it do the touching for you. Easy to use, you don't freeze your fingers off in the winter... and priced at only $5.99 with free shipping (70% off).

They ship from within Canada so no duty to worry about.


  • Soft hair fiber for better accuracy & high sensitivity
  • Retractable soft hair fiber NIB style Design.
  • Silicon cover for protection against scratching
  • Compatible with capacitive touch screen such as iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, HTC HD2, and other devices.
  • Metallic case with antiocidation process.
  • Improve input / touch accuracy.

Coming from the very cold northern city of Edmonton where digging my fingers out of my gloves to change my music to a podcast or a movie while waiting at the bus stop is near to insanity in the winter time... one of these would be VERY handy. Ever heard of frostbite?

Note: Checked it out on other sites and found it for $29.99 in one place, and $19.99 on NCIX.com.


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  • Stephanie
    Agreed!!! I'm in Edmonton too and, especially lately, it has been freezing! I bought one, thanks for the tip!
    • Lorilee
      I also agree! I am just south of Edmonton, this week has been particularly nasty, hope you made your way through the snow ok! I got one for me and my hubby! Thanks for the tip!
      • Karen S.
        Must be an Edmonton thing today! Thanks for this tip. I have one of these on my christmas list........ may as well get it myself!
        • MrsA
          YAH! Thanks from another Edmontonian! I had iPhone gloves that I have worn out. This will work even better. Ordered 3 - one for each me and my hubby and one for the kids for the new iPad we are getting for Christmas!
          • Kris
            Another Edmontonite here. Thinking about one of these to go with my son's new Ipod Touch.
            • Avigayil
              I ordered one for my old iPod touch... tired of cold fingers. lol Just checked their inventory, and they have 20 left. :-)
            • Avigayil
              They are back in stock! 268 of them. :-) New link though. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280606540689#ht_5419wt_914