eBay.ca: An e-sac Store Review

eBay.ca: An e-sac Store Review


Yo! So this is a new idea I had, reviewing a store on eBay. I figured after my 4th purchase from them, it might be of interest to some Moosers as to what and why. I stumbled across the e-sac store on eBay after searching for cheap Lululemon underwear. I had discovered that I wanted my underwear to all be either Betsy Johnson or Lululemon after establishing that they are the most comfortable out of my myriad of underwear brands... that are really worn out.

So, I went to ebay.. search for Lululemon intimates and arranged it via "price + shipping cheapest." Cheap is a relative term but I found this person selling 2 pairs of lululemon thongs for $10, free shipping. Which is sweet, everyone else was selling them for $9 each. So I bought them. Then I found another set. So I bought them. Then I found some lacy boyshorts, 2 pack, for $16 when they cost $14 each at Lululemon. So I again, bought them. All from the same seller, the same store. This store sells a bunch of Lululemon clothing and is forever changing it's inventory so I am delighted I found them.

So far I have bought 8 pairs of underwear from that store, all well below retail price. I am bidding on another 2x set. I haven't bought any of their other Lululemon stuff but they look half decently priced. They also have a selection of North Face items which is a brand I also tend to like.. being in the cold northern city of Edmonton. It gets very chilly up here :o

So basically I have saved a good amount of money (nearly 50%) on some great underwear, thanks to this store! :-)

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  • Tera
    i think my husband is starting to hate that i found this website!! the deals are so great....Im a lulu undies fan too, but don't often justify buying them at full price!
    • melinda k.
      yes we like reading your 'tried and tested' recommended ebay sellers...
      • JulieA
        I was an eBay seller for 6 years. This store has a 99.5% rating, which is good. However, read the "neutrals" and "negatives"...seems they often list what they do not have in stock for shipping. At 1,800 sales, they are reletively new, so I hope they will learn from their mistakes - but considering how their bad reviews are spaced out over a one year span, it doesn't look that way. Also, a few reviewers say this ebayer is "slow to ship". Canadians beware: they are a USA-based company. You will pay duty (and in most cases, a brokerage fee as well) on any items you buy that total over $19.99.
        • Avigayil
          So far I have had everything shipped the next day... which is really nice. I do know that Canada Post lost one of my packages for a week though. Second package they have lost in 2 months Not sure about the duty because all my packages have been $18 and under, but thanks for the heads up! Also, I'm curious.. whenever I have stuff sent via regular post "USPS - Canada Post" I never get duty charges or brokerage fees. However whenever UPS or Fedex gets involved I get horrible fees, what is with that? I order a lot of stuff from the US and there is always that split!
        • CrystL
          For other lululemon lovers check out the lululemon exchange on facebook I've used it numerous times!