eBay: 3 Dozen MINT AAAAA Callaway Mix Used Golf Balls + Free Tees $20

eBay: 3 Dozen MINT AAAAA Callaway Mix Used Golf Balls + Free Tees $20


Hello golfers out there! Knet Golf Canada is selling a whole bunch of used AAAAA mint condition Callaway balls. For only $19.99 with free shipping you can acquire 36 of them.

I will need some of our golfing Moosers to confirm, but I think $19.99 for 3 dozen Callaway golf balls in mint condition is pretty good. According to their offer on eBay it is 50% off their usual price.

About the balls:

Enjoy a mix of many of the most popular Callaway golf balls including The HX Red, HX Blue, CX3 Hot, CX3 Pro, CXB Blue, CXR Red, CTU 30 Red, CTU 30 Blue, Rule 35 Soft Feel, Rule 35 Firm Feel. Knetgolf's Mint quality recycled golf balls are the best available and are the choice for many golfers regardless of skill level. The Mint balls have both the appearance and feel of a ball that has been hit for a maximum of only one hole of play and is why we identify them as 'One Hole Wonders'. They have a consistent color and a glossy shine. There are no X Outs. Corporate or sport team logos will be in the mix unless otherwise noted.


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  • Steve Z.
    Thank you! This an amazing deal - never thought I would see a golf ball deal on the moose.ca website but thanks.
    • Avigayil
      Your welcome. It is sometimes hard to post deals like this if it doesn't fall within one's knowledge base. Neither my nor my husband's family golfs so I know nothing about the sport nor the usual price of equipment. All that is left to do then is research. Glad this deal suits your fancy. :-)