eBay: 1 TB Seagate External Hard Drive $59.99

eBay: 1 TB Seagate External Hard Drive $59.99


Check out this deal for a brand new 1TB Seagate Free Agent USB External Hard Drive in white. You can order one on eBay from one of their Big Deals for only $59.99 with free shipping. The hard drive ships from within Canada, so no duty.

I could not find the white most places I looked for price comparison but the black Seagate Free Agent 1TB is selling for $100 + $13 shipping most places (Like Newegg). I have heard that Seagate hard drives are very good, and a 1TB for $60 is really sweet! Hope some of our Moosers like this deal. :-)

P.S. It certainly is a beautiful looking hard drive. :-)


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