EB Games Canada: Trade Used Games Towards Steam Credits & Get Extra 30%

EB Games Canada: Trade Used Games Towards Steam Credits & Get Extra 30%

Feeling a little guilty about leaving your gaming PC sitting alone in the corner while you play away on your console? Well, trade in some of your console games towards Steam credits, and get an extra 30% at EB Games Canada!

This deal is perfectly timed because it lines up with Steam's big summer sale brought to you by the inimitable . I didn't get around to the sale yesterday and missed picking up x-Com and Borderlands 2 for $10 each! Don't be like me, go and check out this sale right now! Actually, go check it out after you trade in your old console games at EB. Right now, you can get an extra 30% of credit if you put it towards a Steam Wallet Card.

They are only accepting games from modern consoles for this deal, so think PS3, XBox360, PSVita, WiiU or 3DS. I, of course, can't really take place in this deal, because I only buy games I really, really dig, stuff I want to keep in my collection. I have friends who buy every military FPS that comes out. For them, trade-ins aren't a big deal. I don't feel like any of my games are trade-inable because they are all some of my favourite games. I even have PS2 and PS1 games that, if you offered to buy from me, I wouldn't sell.

And for all you console gamers out there who have resisted PC gaming for years, like I had, this is a good chance to dust off the mouse and give it a try. It probably won't replace your console, but it's a very nice addition!

Console or PC? FIGHT! (In the comments below...)

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  • Avigayil M.
    I want to play PC games on my consol. I don't get why I can't play hotseat Civ or Heroes on a PS3 with the lover boy.