EB Games Canada: Trade In Old Games, Save Up To $300 On PS4 Or xBoxOne Pre-Order

EB Games Canada: Trade In Old Games, Save Up To $300 On PS4 Or xBoxOne Pre-Order

Save up to $300 on your next gen pre-order at EB Games!

I recently pre-ordered my PS4. It's the first console I've ever pre-ordered and I'm super stoked for it! One of the best things about pre-ordering, other than the fact that you are pre-ordering, is that you can pay in chunks and do not have to worry overly much about budgeting or saving. I don't just have $400 to drop on a new console whenever I want. Actually, no, that's a lie. I do have $400 to drop on a PS4, but I also have a wife who would rather use that money for important things (like gaming isn't important! Pft!) like clothes for my son or new curtains or something. Anywho, I like that you can break the purchase up into chunks. I put $50 on it to hold it and now I have (probably) three and a half months to come up with the other $350. $100 a month for August, September and October - I'm done.

But wouldn't it be better if you could pay less for your PS4 or, God forbid, your xBox One? Of course it would, especially if you're getting Microsoft's console for $100 more than Sony's next gen unit! Well, EB games can help. If you trade in eligible (Read: in-demand) games, they will give you discounts on your PS4 or xBox One pre-order. These are the discounts.

  • Trade five games and get $100 credit
  • Trade ten games and get $200 credit
  • Trade fifteen games and get $300 credit

The games have to be worth $8 or more in trade value, but that means that $40 worth of games gets you $100 credit towards your console, $80 gets you $200 and $120 gets you $300. I've mentioned before that I don't buy many games, so the ones I do buy are keepers. This deal, however, might make me rethink my no-trade policy on my games. Honestly, I'm not going to replay most of these games and if for whatever reason I do, I can just buy them again. So, tomorrow I might very well be wandering into my local EB with a list of games that I own, just to see if I can bring my total owing from $349 to something a bit easier to handle!

(Expires: 4th August 2013)


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