Earth Day Weekend & 15% off @ Chapters

Earth Day Weekend & 15% off @ Chapters

So I'm calling it Earth Day weekend because we're going to be outside and back in the garden tomorrow and well, every day from now until the Fall! Now that it's dark, I'm seeing all the amazing gardening stuff atChaptersfor 15% off!

Shop all the outdoor departments below:

I love this book and all the ideas! I'm the first to admit, I have a hard time letting my girls run around completely filthy, but I'm working on it and this is not all about mud after all. MUDDY BOOTS: Outdoor Activities for Children has tons of fun ideas for all ages, like the mud play, how to build forts, looking for an identifying animal tracks and forest wisdom, what you can gather and what to leave alone, insects and worms, bird watching and feeding. Available in Hardcover for $21.95 and KOBO for $10.09, before the 15% discount applied at checkout.

I maybe dating myself here but who remembers having a Skip-It? I loved that thing and they're back! We'll they have a new look and are now calledMaui Pop Twizzler Hoppers are they're $8.46 at checkout.

We've talked about making a faerie garden here for a while and we finally went out and started today! MY FAIRY GARDEN: Tree Hollow is adorable and I'm sure we will all have even more hours of entertainment in the garden as we add to it all summer long. With the promo code at checkout, it's down to $25.49.

To take advantage of the additional 15% off regular priced items, enter promo code "SWEET15" at checkout. Free Shipping on all Ship to Store items and Home Delivery for orders of $25 or more.


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