Duracell Batteries 40% off at Amazon.ca

Duracell Batteries 40% off at Amazon.ca

You WANT power. You NEED power! Amazon HAS power! Well, they have batteries - Duracell batteries at 40% off...

Here's a quick breakdown:

These prices are nuts. Some are a bit more than 40% off and includes 48 different batteries including some hearing aid batteries, rechargeables, specialty batteries, "Ultra Power" and regular old copper tops.

Well... Bargainmoose's benevolent dictator for life, Anna, would want me to write something here but... Well... It's batteries. Not much to write about.

So instead of content about the product I'm going to educate you. You see I'm an Electrical Engineer and ever since college something about "batteries" has been driving me nuts. They aren't batteries!

Stay with me here. The technical definition of a battery is two or more cells that have been electrically connected. What is a cell you ask? Well, a cell is a device that, through an electrochemical reaction, uses the energy stored in the materials it is made of to produces electricity.

All that is to was what you call a "battery" is actually a cell! So now you know.

(Expires: 15th July 2012)


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