Duct Tape Bracelets Kits $12.51 @ Amazon.ca

Duct Tape Bracelets Kits $12.51 @ Amazon.ca

Canadians love duct tape and Canadian kids love duct tape even more. We have 3 huge rolls of duct tape in the house but we can never find them because someone has always carried a roll off for some ginormous task.

Let your kids have their own duct tape in this funky bracelet set. With Christmas coming up this is perfect to buy now so they can make gifts for their friends and family members.

The Alex Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear! Duct Tape Bangles kit is on sale for $12.51, down from $19.99. You can make 6 bracelets with the included 5 rolls of skinny duct tape (easy to rip and stick!) Any leftover tape they have will be used in other arts and crafts projects.

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