$19.99 Baby Milestone Blocks For Baby Pics @ Toys R Us

$19.99 Baby Milestone Blocks For Baby Pics @ Toys R Us

Baby milestones pictures are so much fun to create and even more fun to share with friends and family. I've been looking for some of those milestone type blocks that people use in photos.

One of the best priced baby milestones block set that I found is at Toys R Us. These modern blue Pearhead Milestone Blocksare $19.99. You can also buy these in neutral as well as in pink. The font is crisp and clear with appealing colour patterns. They can be used over and over with each child.

With blocks only having 6 sides, (and the numbers 0-9 not being able to be imprinted on all sides) one reviewer noted that you can only go up to 33 weeks and after that you could still create additional upcoming weeks, but not all. In those cases a person could probably write baby's age on a small chalkboard, or try the idea further down, with the piggy bank.

Maybe you want to go for a softer, pastel look with a more authentic home-made design. These Baby Age Blocks at Chapters actually are hand-painted and hand printed. Here's a link for the grey and pink blocks, and a link for the orange and blue blocks. The price on these blocks is $45.00.

One of my friends uses a ceramic piggy bank similar to this, and writes in her daughter's age each week using a dry erase marker. You'd have to test a small area first to see if a dry erase marker will wipe off of the ceramic piggy bank to make sure it works. Shiny glazed ceramics probably would work. This (big) little piggy sells for $49.50 at Chapters.

The piggy bank is a nice idea to include in all of the photos with or without the blocks because as your baby grows you can see how big in contrast to the item that they are growing! It allows you to better gauge their real size. The blocks could serve the same purpose, I suppose but I just like the piggy bank!

If you want to include milestones besides solely age, you'll enjoy using these Baby Milestones Cards that are popular right now.

We featured these last month right here. They're selling for $26.99 @ WestCoast Kids and the cards include a huge range of baby milestones such as slept through the night for the first time! Whoo hoo! That IS a milestone.


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