$1.73 Facial Hair Removal Reusable Tool - Easier Than tweezers! Free Ship @ Amazon.ca Marketplace

$1.73 Facial Hair Removal Reusable Tool - Easier Than tweezers! Free Ship @ Amazon.ca Marketplace

I wouldn't be posting about this type of hair removal device here on Bargainmoose, without having first tried it. This beauty product is being sold at Amazon.ca Marketplace, by seller acctown, for only $1.73 and includes free shipping.

I'm including a couple of my own photos beside the photo the seller posted of the product bent into a "U." You may need to view Bargainmoose from a web browser instead of the Bargainmoose app to see the photos so you can see how big this device is, when having a recognizable object like a loonie placed beside it. It was bigger than I expected it to be from the pictures.

So... What do you do with this removal tool once you have it in hand? It is so simple to use! You coil the spring like an upside down letter "U" like you see in the picture. Hold it gently (flat) against your skin where you are removing hair, such as the corners of the upper lip.

The next step is to take the little pink knobs on the device, and turn them both in toward each other, simultaneously. The action of that will grab onto the little fine hairs, and pull them out! You just keep pressing it to your skin gently, while rotating the ends of the device, over and over, and lifting the device to place it on a new spot, until you can feel that you are hair free in the area you are working on. It is quick to figure it out, in no time you will grasp it, and the hairs! ;)

I have worked with waxing, tweezing, and epilating devices. Each have their pros and cons, but this is a beauty tool I can see that will quickly and easily take the place of tweezers. It was so much easier to use. The portability and non-electrical aspect make this a must-have device to have on hand. You don't need a mirror to use it (I wouldn't recommend it for eyebrows.)

It's a durable product, I can't see needing more than one to start with for yourself, but because they are so inexpensive, you may want to grab a few for your family or friends who you know would want to use these. Oh, wait. I just thought of something. I can be quick to lose things, so I guess I will be buying another one for myself. If you're like me, (often losing things) you might want to check out this Bargainmoose post on a tracking device if you haven't seen it yet.

Does it hurt to use this hair removal tool ? Well, yes, because it's the same thing as multi-tweezing at once. It's similar to tweezing or waxing. I find it to be a little uncomfortable though, rather than painful. Once you have grabbed out a few hairs, the area starts to feel a little bit numb anyway. It isn't too bad at all. Remember too, there are certain times during the month that your skin will likely be more sensitive than usual. Those are not the times to try this out, if you can help it. Of course, here is always wine, too! All kidding aside, you will love this product, just as the reviewers did.

Shipping is free, but it will take several weeks to arrive, due to it shipping from overseas.

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  • believe

    I've been using this tool for years.  My daughter and I love it!!  

    • Eryn

      Thanks for commenting! We like hearing from our Bargainmoose readers, :)

    • BeeWBedard

      Thanks just ordered one to try out 

      • Eryn

        Great! I think you will be impressed with this beauty tool.