$150 Off Dyson DC66 & DC37 @ Walmart.ca

$150 Off Dyson DC66 & DC37 @ Walmart.ca

Is it too late for a serious Spring cleaning?! I attacked my house today with a few different cleaning tools and realized I am in desperate need of a new vacuum. Either that, or pet hair naturally has super glue on it. I can't get the dog hair off the carpet for the life of me! Luckily, there are two Dyson Animal Vacuums on sale for $150 off at Walmart.ca. Both the Dyson DC66 and Dyson DC37 are on sale from $599.97 down to $449.97 - and shipping is included.

I know what you're thinking—it is pricey. But these vacuums are well worth their weight in gold. My mom continuously buys Dyson products just for that reason. If you want something that is guaranteed to relieve you of pet hair messes then this is it. Can I vacuum the dogs!? These vacuums are both $600+ at other Canadian retailers.

The Dyson DC66 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Dyson DC37 Turbinehead Animal Vacuum are designed very differently - with the same goal in mine. If you are strictly doing a big open area of your living room, then I suggest the DC66. If you want to vacuum couches, stairs and hard to reach spots - then I suggest the DC37. Both have pretty excellent reviews, so pick your poison.

Both of these vacuums qualify for free shipping right to your front door!

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  • cinnamon-dea

    I also think too that dog hair is glued to couches, carpets and clothing. The other thing it does is multiply-by the billions. I get a whole new dog every couple of days :)

    • CuteSavings

      Oh I know that feeling! I have one short-haired dog and one long-haired dog. I think their fur combines together to attack me while I am sleeping.