$1 and up Sale Items @ Fruits & Passion

$1 and up Sale Items @ Fruits & Passion

Did you get some nice scented bath products at Christmas? I did! I'm very happy with them, but I always enjoy more; smelling enticing scented bath and body products always leaves me wanting to try new scents and products. It's a bit of an addiction, really, but it's a good one to have.

Especially now when items start from $1 because of the sale of up to 70% off at Fruits & Passion!

Here are some items I want to try; maybe you'll enjoy these picks, too!

In the midst of winter, all of these scents will be welcoming!

Shipping is free on orders over $45.00 otherwise will start from around $12.88 (as an example) but will vary depending on where you are located.


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