Dog Paw Washer $15.99 @ Amazon Canada Store: hgbjhgkj

Clean those mucky pups the easy way!
Dog Paw Washer $15.99 @ Amazon Canada Store: hgbjhgkj

Whoever invented these is a freakin' genius! Cleaning the dog's paws after a rainy or muddy walk is such a chore, but not anymore. I'm getting one of these Dog Paw Washers from Amazon Canada Store: hgbjhgkj for just $15.99. I reckon I'd pay double that for the "life hack" value of it.

Dog Paw Washers

What the heck is a Dog Paw Washer? It's a little, BPA-free plastic tool that's made with silicone bristles. The idea is that this is used post dog walk, and you slip your dog's mucky paw inside.

It's particularly handy for removing harmful snow salt from your pooch's paws too - you know how irritating that can be for those little teddy bear shaped paw pads.

Just pop a little water in, followed by your dog's paw and twist the cup. Use a towel to dry the paw once clean - this one from Amazon Canada comes with two little towels.

All you got to do to clean it is rinse it out under a tap.

Keep it at your back door, or keep it in the car to prevent those muddy paw prints in your vehicle.

Also comes with two free bandanas for your doggy.

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