Dog Halloween Costumes & Hats from $5.73

Dog Halloween Costumes & Hats from $5.73

If your pet lets you dress them up, I have to say, you're pretty lucky – especially since Petland has pet Halloween costumes on sale from $5.73!

Most of these are dog-sized (sorry, cat lovers), but you might be able to make them work for other animals. And they're just so freakin' cute!

Check out some of my favourites:

If your pets and full costumes don't mix, you can always try a hat! This Bandana with Hair is on for $5.73, and – my personal favourite – the Shark Hat Halloween Costume is marked down to $6.41!

These deals are online prices only, so you won't see them in stores. Orders over $100 ship free, so it might be worth it to pick up next year's Halloween costumes, too!


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  • Emily J.

    the ninja turtle! :joy:

    • Kalie S.

      My ridiculous kids are begging me to get Arlow a Halloween costume!!! What's happening to me??

      • Janie M.

        do it!

        • Emily J.

          lol you have to do it! Tucker dresses up with Marek every year, but if your going to please pick that ninja turtle :joy: