NEW Disney Princess Coins @ Royal Canadian Mint

NEW Disney Princess Coins @ Royal Canadian Mint

Remember this, Disney fans? Just over a year ago, the Royal Canadian Mint released a series of six different collectible Disney Princess coins.

Well, if you didn't get your hands on them last summer, don't worry. The Mint just launched a new set for 2018!

This time around, it's a set of four pure silver coins featuring Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White. Each one has heart-shaped gemstone to complete the design.

The coins are made at the New Zealand Mint, but they're available online in Canada as a subscriber's set. The set costs $124.95 CAD per coin, and each one comes packaged in a special Disney Princess box, along with a certificate of authenticity.

Shipping is free in July when you use the code SHIP18. After that, orders over $100 ship free.


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  • Chandra W.

    Buuuuuuut not for $115. :flushed:

    • Krysta D.

      should we get these for georgia?!

      • Stephanie R.

        Oh my :heart_eyes:!! Gracie would love these princesses too (almost as much as her mommy) lol :joy:

        • Darlene M.

          Thx ....gonna have to buy them :heart::heart:. Hope Belle is apart of the package !

          • Debbie P.

            These are from the New Zealand Mint. Not the Royal Canadian Mint. Big difference.

            • Michelle W.

              I was excited when I saw the Finding Nemo ones until I saw the almost $500 price tag. At least I have them on my arm forever.

              • Nicole B.

                Cute but they can keep them for that price :joy:

                • Lisa C.

                  How much are they

                  • Nicole B.

                    $125 per coin.

                    • Lisa C.

                      Wow ya definitely keep those

                      • Tanya M.

                        , I could make you broke...

                        • Jennifer S.

                          Dont tempt me

                          • Amy W.


                            • Amy W.

                              Too bad it’s so expensive :disappointed:

                              • Holly T.

                                I want Ariel

                                • Holly T.

                                  Just kidding not for that price :confounded::flushed:

                                  • Erin V.

                                    Oh I like these!

                                    • Erin V.

                                      Except there $125 bucks each. Hahahaha. Gross!!

                                      • Janine V.