Disney Holiday Clothes from $10.19 CAD

Disney Holiday Clothes from $10.19 CAD

Nothing says Christmas like cozying up by the tree, drinking hot chocolate and wearing warm, new PJs, right? And if those PJs are covered in your favourite Disney characters? Even better! And right now, Disney holiday sleepwear, clothes and accessories are on sale from $10.19 CAD!

This sale includes everything from Christmas sweaters to matching family PJs, and I guarantee you'll find something you love!

All prices on the site are in USD, but don't worry – we did the conversion math for you! Here are some of the best deals we found:

For babies

For kids

For adults

Shipping costs to Canada will vary based on your order and delivery location.


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  • Ashleigh A.


    • Debbie D.

      Love them!!!

      • Aleksandra P.

        ... a good early Christmas gift for Hana :smiley:

        • Hana S.

          I was about to exit Facebook and I saw mickeys head and was like okay I can read one more post haha.

          • Aleksandra P.

            Ahahahaha :joy::joy::joy: well worth it

            • Stephen G.

              omg haha

            • Rae-Lynne C.

              family Pjs!!!

              • Krista N.

                I :heart: this so much!!

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                So cute!

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                  Omg the boys need these!!!

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                    I so need these!

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                      These are adorable

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                        Ok....i NEED these!!

                        • Carie M.

                          soooo cute!