Where to Order Custom Disney Shirts in Canada

Where to Order Custom Disney Shirts in Canada

If you're planning a family vacation to Disneyland or Disney World soon, you may want to check this out: a new line of custom shirts is available now at Shop Disney!

They're also known as Disney family shirts, and if you've ever been to a Disney park, I guarantee you know what I'm talking about.

You see them everywhere – families and groups all wearing matching T-shirts that usually have their names, the year and other cute little details and puns on them.

And while you can make your own shirts to pass out to your crew, buying them directly through Disney saves you a LOT of time. Shop Disney sells sizes for men, women and kids, and yes, there are a few you'll actually want to wear. Personally, I like this Mickey Mouse Family Vacation Soccer Shirt.

For most designs, you can customize the colour and text. All prices are displayed in USD, but Disney usually throw in personalization free of charge. (Just remember that shipping is extra.)

But if you're looking for a slightly cheaper way to surprise your family with a trip to Disney (or make sure you can all spot each other in the crowd once you're at the parks), it's worth checking out Etsy. They have TONS of options, including these adorable Carl & Ellie's Travel Co. Shirts.


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