There's an Aladdin Magic Carpet Pool Float!

There's an Aladdin Magic Carpet Pool Float!

If this doesn't get you excited for your first trip to the beach, then I don't know what will. Something new just flew in to the Disney Store, and it's a real diamond in the rough. If that's not enough hints, you might want to brush up on your Aladdin references when the new live-action movie comes out later this month.

But let me break it down for you. There's a new line of beachwear and accessories available at Shop Disney, including something really special: this Aladdin Magic Carpet Pool Float!

It's part of the Oh My Disney collection, and it sells for $59.95 USD (so about $80.69 CAD). You're limited to one per order, and it's has already sold out in other countries – so you might want to pick one up soon.

You can lay back and relax as you take a magic carpet ride around the pool, with Abu hanging on to the side. The entire thing is vinyl and measures 72" x 12" (the perfect size for one person).

But the magic doesn't stop there. Disney also sells an Aladdin Magic Carpet Beach Towel, which is basically a more affordable magic carpet option. It's a large towel priced at $22.95 USD (so around $30.89 CAD), and it truly is an unbelievable sight. There are even gold "rope" tassels on all four corners!

And to complete the look, you can throw on your one-piece Aladdin Swimsuit and accessorize with the matching Aladdin Swim Tote and a pair of these Aladdin Sunglasses, also from the Oh My Disney collection.

So far, I've only seen these items at Shop Disney, where shipping costs to Canada can vary. If we spot them anywhere else though, we'll let you know!


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