Dipwa.ca - One Deal, One Day – Canadian Online Deals

Dipwa.ca - One Deal, One Day – Canadian Online Deals

Dipwa is a pretty new company… they are a Canadian shop, based in Toronto. Their tag is “A Deal a Day – The Canadian Way”. This is more commonly known as a One Deal, One Daywebsite! Each day, they offer 1 item for sale, which is supposed to be a very good deal.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a range of products, from DVD Players to Xbox Live Gold Cards (it was a great deal).Sometimes they have free shipping, sometimes not – it tells you on the item on the day. They ship Canada wide.

There can be good bargains on their Deal of the Day, but please be sure to price compare before you make your purchase – I recommend using a site such as ShopBot.cafor that kind of thing. Oh yes – I should mention that they update their daily deal at 12am EST every day – sometimes the bargains are so hot that they disappear within minutes!!

Have a read of their “biography” page – it’s pretty funny!

Have you bought from Dipwa before? It would be great to hear your reviews and ratings if you have! Feel free to post a comment below. I’m always looking for new deals in Canada, so it’s great to see new stores like this.

- Anna


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