Dell Canada:Sanyo Eneloop Family Kit $24.99 (reg.$45.99)

Dell Canada:Sanyo Eneloop Family Kit $24.99 (reg.$45.99)

Keeping up with the Earth Day celebrations, Dell Canada has a great deal on their Eneloop family kit battery charger.  Get it for just $24.99 (regular price is $45.99).

Around our house we use rechargeable batteries for a couple of reasons.  In the long run it is more affordable especially when you have little ones with big toys that need a lot of batteries.  The second reason is because it is better for the environment.  Dell Canada has their Eneloop family battery recharger kits on sale right now for just $24.99 (regular price is $45.99).  Not only do you get the rechargeable batteries but you also get the battery charger that will accommodate various sizes of batteries with this family kit.

Here are some of the features:

  • Built-in foldaway plug which eliminates additional cords or wall adapters
  • Charger works with regular NiMH rechargeable batteries as well
  • Retains power longer than regular rechargeable batteries
  • Eneloop keep 85% of their charge over a year and 75% over three years where regular rechargeable batteries lose 1% of their energy per day when left unused
  • Eneloop can be charged up to 1500 times
  • Take 4x more photos than alkaline batteries
  • Eneloops can be charged using other quality non Eneloop NiMH battery chargers

I like the fact that if I already have rechargeable batteries I can use them with the charger.  I also like that it will charge batteries as small as AAA all the way up to D size batteries.  A lot of the time you need to buy separate chargers to charge different sized batteries but this one will charge them all.

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  • Michele
    If you don't need the full case, you have an "Enviro" option that is also a great deal. Item ECH840 and you get 8 AA and 4 AAA plus the charger for $29.99. Normally the 4 AA packages retail for $19.99 so this is great. We have purchased several of these for our office and they go in all the cordless mice, remotes and anything else requiring a battery. We stocked up so we have a few spare sets, but the charge in only a few hours so we always have some ready to go. Even if you are a small office, you can save a lot of money switching to the rechargeable batteries.