Dell Canada: Up to 30% off Dell Printers (Save up to $60)

Dell Canada: Up to 30% off Dell Printers (Save up to $60)

Print with LASERS AND JETS for cheap with Dell Canada!

Seven absolutely amazing printer deals. Here are the top three:

Now, the deals above are the better deals from a purely numbers based position. There are three more printers though that I would like to draw your attention to.

These sub-$100 and near-$100 laser printers still kind of throw me off. I'm so used to laser printers being these monsterously expensive units that you only see at schools and offices. It's really amazing that they are this cheap. They've even consumerized them by making them really, really small and, in the case of the B1160W, giving them wireless networking.

They even have fusers that last the life of the product. That could mean that the fusers last forever or it could mean that the printer doesn't last as long as the ones with user replaceable fusers. It's probably the latter, but the printers are so cheap that it's not a huge issue.

No matter what your printer needs or desired price point is, Dell probably has something for you in this sale. The last printer, the one I didn't mention, got bad reviews so watch out if you are going to buy it!

(Expires: 16 August 2012)


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