Dell Canada: $550 Off LG 55" Full HD LED TV - Now $800

Dell Canada: $550 Off LG 55" Full HD LED TV - Now $800

Dell Canada is offering $550 off a 55 inch LG LS5600 Full HD 1080p, 120Hz LED TV to turn your living room into the ultimate home entertainment center. Originally $1,349.99, it is on sale for $799.99 with free shipping.

I'm not sure what I can tell you about this TV. It has a huge 55" screen and full 1080p HD for all those blu ray movies you own. It is 2D (not 3D), but for the price I think this is a fantastic buy. I found the same model in a smaller size (47") for only $100 cheaper on clearance. For that extra $100 you are getting 8" more of screen, so I think that is pretty reasonable.

This TV doesn't really have many bells and whistles. It does have its own media center built in, but that is about it for the special features. It specializes in being an affordable giant HDTV made by a dependable brand.

Enjoy free shipping on all your Dell orders.

(Expiry: 2nd August 2013)


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