Dell Canada: 4TB Seagate Hard Drive For Only $180 (Save $70)

Dell Canada: 4TB Seagate Hard Drive For Only $180 (Save $70)

Dell Canada wants you to get the most storage bang for your buck, which is why they are selling this huge hard drive for over 25% off!

This is a great drive at a great price. I have 2TB of dedicated storage at home and it's getting to the point where, if I don't buy another hard drive, I'm going to have to star deleting some stuff. At only $179.99, this is a great opportunity to expand your storage capacity. The drive is normally $249.99 but you're saving $70. I remember buying my 1TB drives and seeing them on sale for $100 where the regular price was $130. It's amazing how quickly storage prices are coming down. You're getting four times the storage for only $50 more than I paid. Even now, if you look at 1TB, 2TB or 3TB drives, the price-per-byte is quite a bit cheaper on a 4TB drive, even before a great sale like this.

Some retailers have come down to match this price but Dell is the only one that I've seen that has FREE shipping.

(Expires: 4th April 2013)


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  • wes
    Local shop memory express has for $189, so it costs $9.45 more. If the drive is dead on arrival, you can get another one today. Dell return will take weeks. Plus they will probably match the price anyway.