Save up to $425 on Alienware Laptops

Make all your fellow gamers burst with envy when you show off your new Alienware gaming rig from Dell Canada.

First things first, if you aren't a gamer, you probably want to turn around and go to another article. These computers aren't for you. These are for the elite gamers who really need the power. There are three laptops on sale:

There are a lot of companies out there who are pushing gaming PCs. Some of them are big manufacturers who, in my non-PC gamer opinion, are just missing something. I mean the PCs do the job but  they just seem like they are made by... Well... A huge PC manufacturer. At the risk of sounding like I'm spouting a bunch of tree hugging hippy crap, I'm going to say they lack the soul of a gamer. Then there are great smaller shops that make amazing gear but are still missing something.

A company like Alienware is the perfect mix. Alienware started out as a small company that eventually got big (and good) enoguh to catch Dell's eye. Now you have Alienware's quality gear backed by a big company like Dell. Perfect.

The computers themselves are pretty much all identical save the screen size and the video card and prices vary accordingly. As usual, you get free shipping to most places in Canada.

(Expires: 16th January 2012, 6:00AM ET)

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