Dell 48 Hour Electronics Sale Now On

Dell 48 Hour Electronics Sale Now On

The first round of the 48 hour Dell electronic sale has started this morning. Today's offer are running through to the end of the 18th October 2011.

The deals today are quite varied, from TVs to eBook readers. One of their headliners is this:

24" Dell Full HD widescreen monitor for $169.99 (saving $90 on regular price) - great price on this one. If you use the computer a lot and are still working off a small screen, like 17" or 19", I heartily recommend upgrading to a 24". When I upgraded from a 17" to a 22", the change was immense!

If you're needing some extra storage space for your home computer, check out the deal on this Western Digital elements 1TB portable external hard drive - regular $119.99 and down to $69.99. If you're feeling flush, you could even go for the 2TB model for $99.99. My fiancé had a bit of a hard drive disaster the other day. He moved all his documents to a brand spanking new hard drive, which then died. He had deleted the old files too and never bothered to back up before using the new device. He should have used my external drive just in case but he thought he was ok...

The Kingston 4GB flash drive for only $6.99 is dead cheap for a little extra portable storage. I've got one of these lying round somewhere...

The second round of this sale will be happening on the 19th and 20th October 2011 - I may bump this post or write a new one, if there are some good offers in it too.


(Ends 18th October 2011)


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