Dealathons Canada: $26 For Frozen Princess Elsa & Anna Doll Set

Dealathons Canada: $26 For Frozen Princess Elsa & Anna Doll Set


Dealathons Canada has a fantastic deal for any of your Frozen movie lovers out there. Dealathon is selling a Frozen Princess Elsa and Princess Anna Doll Set for just $29 but when you use the coupon codeMERRY10 - the price comes down to just $26.10. The retail value of this set is $50 and you receive free shipping on the dolls making this deal even sweeter.

I have seen many pairs of dolls on deal websites like these, and these ones are one of the far better replicas of the sisters from Frozen. Each doll measures 29cm in height and comes with their most popular costume. Elsa is my personal favourite, but some people prefer Anna. I think having both dolls is better because you can then act out alternate endings to the story.

In my version, Elsa kills that horrible ass of a prince by slowly freezing him to death. Then Anna and Kristoff marry. Someone flame-broils that super annoying snowman, and the reindeer lives a life of contentment and lots of carrots. Elsa goes into architecture creating an entire ice city of intricately carved homes that becomes a tourist attraction - attracting people from all over the world. She meets a total dark knight of her own and they live happily ever after.

Nearly 2300 of these doll pairs have already sold, so you can assume that this pair is on many children's wishlists this Christmas. The cheapest I have found a two-pack of the same size of dolls (around 13") has been about $40. Your dolls will be shipped automatically to the address entered at checkout within two to four weeks of purchase. You do not need to redeem the voucher. I suggest ordering sooner rather than later so you get them in time for Christmas. You should still have enough time if you buy them now.

I think the best popularity measure for Frozen is how many Elsa and Anna costumes showed up on your doorstep on Halloween. I saw this cute little meme that suggested a drinking game: take a shot for each Elsa that showed up for candy. I think that would result in many very drunk parents handing out treats! I was at Emerald city Comic Con in Seattle and there was a ton of girls dressed up like Elsa and Anna there as well this spring.

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  • Lilia
    I've bought the dolls but until now I've got no answer! !!!!! My daughter's birthday party is next week. Please, contact me!!!
    • Anna W.
      Lilia, please contact the company above, we cannot help you! :)
    • Lilia
      Anna, I am trying! No answers!!!
      • Heidi K.
        I received these dolls today and they are the worst quality I've ever seen. They reek of chemicals and look like they are worth about $2. It's shameful that you're actually charging money for these. Mine are going straight to the trash, as they are a complete waste of money.
        • Sabrina-Kate E.
          I agree with Heidi. It was probably the worst purchase I have made in my life. I may as well have flushed my money down the toilet. Not that that site will care. As they have demonstrated time and again, they have no regard for their customers. They have lost one indefinitely now!
          • Anna W.
            Have you guys emailed the site to tell them your concerns?
            • Maureen
              I ordered these dolls beginning of November and have still yet to receive them. After googling some more information on the company, I realized I've been scammed. I knew something was "fishy" when I received my confirmation and there was no receipt number to identify me as the purchaser. Also, I'm not sure I want these dolls anymore, after reading some of the comments here and elsewhere. I have contacted the company and their only response is to provide me with a tracking number, which I already have already. I KNOW IT IS "IN TRANSIT." It has been sitting in Edmonton since Nov 21st. I see that dissatisfied customers' only recourse is a store credit (& most people are not interested in doing business with the company again). Since I did pay with a credit card, I will check if I can get some help there; but, I have little hope I will salvage my $26.