DC Shoes Canada Women's Spray Sandals Only $14 + Free Shipping!

DC Shoes Canada Women's Spray Sandals Only $14 + Free Shipping!


I am really excited about this great deal from DC Shoes.  They have women's Spray Sandals on for just $14 and you will also get free shipping!

DC Shoes is a brand I always want to buy but usually don't because they cost a bit more.  The women's Spray Sandals are just $14 right now for a limited time only. There are six different colours to choose from in total and they all have the same black bottoms to them.

There is only one review on them that got all five out of five stars, and nothing but good comments.  If you have ever had a pair of any DC Shoes though, you know that they are very good quality and very comfortable.

Currently, they still have all sizes available (sizes 5-11) in all of the colours which is pretty great. Often times good deals like this are only good because there may be just one or two sizes left.

Just because I am a mom does not mean that I don't want to buy great brand names items.  It does mean I need to watch my money more though, so often I buy great brands for my kids and skimp out on no-name or cheap brands for myself.  I have a feeling a lot of women are like me in this respect.  With deals like this, I get to buy the great brands and not feel guilty about it because the price is so low.  Something as little as a cool pair of brand named sandals actually makes my day!

Since DC Shoes offers free shippingon all orders all the time, you won't have to pay any extra cost for it.  It is a great bonus!

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