Day 9 of Bargainmoose Birthday Bash: Read this if you want to try and win an iPad or 1 of 10 iPod Shuffles!

Day 9 of Bargainmoose Birthday Bash: Read this if you want to try and win an iPad or 1 of 10 iPod Shuffles!

*** Day 9 contest now closed, winner is Patricia!  ***

It's nearly coming to an end; our fantastic summer giveaway in which there is a brand new Apple iPad up for grabs, as well as 10 iPod Shuffles. This is the 9th day of the contest, meaning it will be the last day tomorrow - be sure to stop by the site on Wednesday as I might have some extra surprise fun planned.

You're all familiar with how this contest works as we're now on the 9th day of the celebrations! Here's what you need to ponder today:

Imagine you've got to book yourself a hotel for a week's vacation, using What city would you choose to visit?

Think about it, browse the locations on, and tell us in the comments below - where would you visit and why?

For bonus entries today:


  • Today’s contest ends 28th August 2012
  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of bonus entry per contest per day
  • Admin’s decision is final, contest is subject to change


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  • Amie
    I used to live in Calgary. Since moving back to Winnipeg about four years ago, I went to school and had a baby. I would love to go back to Calgary for a visit to introduce my baby to all of my friends there. I would also love to take on a couple of my favorite restaurants while out there! :)
    • Amber
      I would visit Banff Allberta as I am a photographer and have never had the chance to photograph the mountains. Stay at the beautiful Fairmont Lake Louise!
      • Cathy
        I would go to stay in Vancouver - I have an old friend from high school I haven't seen in many years. Plus I haven't been to Vancouver in about 30 years!
        • Debbie B.
          Used to go to Montreal a lot when I was younger and have not been back there, so would love to go back and explore again. I tweeted
          • Robin
            Montreal and Quebec City. The history in these two cities is incredible and I would love to see the "Just for Laughs" Festival.
            • Carla
              • emma w.
                I would love to go out West, either Banff or Victoria BC, mostly just to relax, getaway and go somewhere new!
                • Linda
                  I would like to go to Pheonix Arizona. I've been once and the area is so beautiful that I cannot wait to go again.
                  • Jay
                    I'd take my wife to Norway :)
                    • Wayne
                      Would book in san diego so we could see friends that we have not seen in 6 years!
                      • Lesley S.
                        New York - for some shopping and shows. Mainly shopping, though :D
                        • Jennifer
                          My fiancé and I live in different provinces and see each other at least one weekend a month. I would Love to be able to spend a full week with him anywhere but for now I'd pick New York because we both love to shop.
                          • Karen
                            Have always wanted to visit Victoria BC .Have family there also and it would be nice to see them.
                            • Phreddy
                              I would choose to visit Florence, Italy because I've always wanted to go there and experience the food and check out the beautiful scenery.
                              • Jennifer
                                I would book hotel rooms across Italy but mainly in Florence and along the southern coast. Having travelled to Italy almost 10 years ago it is the one country that I would love to visit again.
                                • Lynn
                                  Halifax, Nova Scotia to visit my son in the Navy!
                                  • Chris
                                    Orlando to take my girls to Disney World.
                                    • Dal g.
                                      Back home to the uk, I left in the 90's, I'd take the hubby and baby girl
                                      • Maria
                                        Orlando for me too, can't beat the deals down there.
                                        • Ann
                                          I would love to visit to San Francisco and ride a cable car!