Curly Hair Solutions Coupon Code: Exclusive 15% Off

Curly Hair Solutions Coupon Code: Exclusive 15% Off

Curly Hair Solutions has offered the Bargainmoose an exclusive coupon code for 15% off all CHS Shampoo, Conditioners, Styling Products, Accessories and Kits! So curly gals and girls check this place out - it may be the solution to your wild and wonderful head.

  • Discount: 15% off
  • Coupon Code: CHSMOOSE2
  • Expiry: 30th, April 2012

The company is based out of Ontario. Mooser Kerry previously told us her story with Curly Hair Solutions

I discovered Curly Hair Solutions (CHS) at a trade show awhile back and have also ordered from them online. My hair has nice, natural curls that frizz on the outer layer. The CHS products, especially Curl Keeper, keep the frizz away better than anything else I’ve ever tried. The best part is that the products re-activate with water. I can style my hair, be out all day, go to sleep, and have perfect curls again the next morning, just by spritzing my hair with water when I wake up!

I have always wanted curly hair, probably because mine is mostly strait with an annoying curve at the bottom... and it doesn't always curve in the same direction.

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  • Brittany M.
    I thought this offer would include a bottle of Curl Keeper but I guess not. I tried using the code a couple times and kept getting this response: We could not continue processing your order because: The coupon code you provided is not valid for this order I copied the code directly from this site and tried typing it in on my own. I was trying to purchase an 8oz bottle of Curl Keeper and a Pump top. :(
    • Anna
      Hi Brittany! I am going to email them to find out - I'll let you know! Thanks
      • Anna
        Coupon code is working now!