Crayola 12-Count Sidewalk Chalk $2.99 @ Amazon

Plus free shipping if you have prime
Crayola 12-Count Sidewalk Chalk $2.99 @ Amazon

If your kids love to draw this Crayola Outdoor Chalk Assorted Colours Pack of 12 is a super idea to get them creating outdoors, and it's just $2.99 with free Prime shipping so I just grabbed a set for my kids for the holidays.

What's lovely about these is that they're bright Crayola colours rather than the usual pastels you get in other chalk sets, so your kids can create lovely colourful and bold designs.

Each one is a chunky rectangular shape so that they're not going to roll around the sidewalk, and they're shaped like a Crayola crayon with the logo embossed on the side.

These are designed specifically to be used on outdoor surfaces like asphalt sidewalks and driveways, and the drawings can be easily washed away with the garden hose when you want to clear them off ready to start again.

Shipping is free with prime.


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