Almost ALL Crate Creatures Now on Sale in Canada

Almost ALL Crate Creatures Now on Sale in Canada

If your kids are still asking for Crate Creatures, you're in luck. These little monsters are ready to become your "beast" friends, and most of them are actually now on sale!

I did a little comparison shopping earlier and discovered that some of the best prices are at, so I'd check there first.

Let's start with answering a pretty simple question: What are Crate Creatures?

These critters are very similar to Hatchimals, except instead of hatching them from an egg, you use a crowbar to break into their crates and set them free – and they cost about $20 less!

Once they're out, you can pull their tongues to see your creature vibrate and make funny noises! They'll flap their arms when you shake their tails, make chomping noises when you feed them their treats and make over 45 different sounds. Each Crate Creature comes with a treat, lock and chain, crowbar and reusable crate – but we're just getting started.

The two original Crate Creatures first appeared over a year ago, and they're both marked down. Amazon Canada has Sizzle on sale for $23.57 from $51.99 (exclusively for Amazon Prime members) and Blizz on sale for $34.99, also marked down from the original $51.99.

Since then, a few more creatures have made an appearance, including Snort Hog (on sale for $34.99) and the upgraded Big Blowout playsets. And if the specific creature you're looking for sells out on Amazon Canada, you can still find them on sale at Toys R Us Canada and Chapters Indigo.


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