Cotton Ginny: In Store Promotions up to 70% Off

Cotton Ginny: In Store Promotions up to 70% Off


Cotton Ginny is having a really great in-store sale I wanted to briefly mention for those of us lucky to live near a store in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario or PEI. You will get an additional 70% off all their red label items, 40% off when you buy two white label items, or 50% off when you buy 3 white label items.

So you can stock up on much needed essentials while saving valuable money. I have never been to a Cotton Ginny, though I live very close by one. I am intrigued by the organic symbol in the banner above for Cotton Ginny and might pop by this weekend to see if any of those red sticker items are made with organic cotton.


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  • Avigayil
    Got a $55 sweater for just under $8. :-)
    • Rustykitten
      Love Cotton Ginny stuff but all their downtown TO stores closed. Didn't realize there was still one in Toronto in the east end. Their clothes wear really well and launder really well. Loved their bamboo jeans.
      • Tish
        The beaches has also been closed; these peopel need to pay their rent!
      • Clare
        I have called every Cotton Ginny store in Canada. A few phones keep ringing , but almost all of the numbers are out of service. Head office has a automated reception, so you can't get a live person. The end of an era. I have shopped there for over 15 yrs. Too sad!
        • Becky
          Anyone know the stores for Cotton Ginny still open in Toronto or nearby, such as Barrie, Hamiton or Falls... Thanks.
          • Clare
            heller, anyone home did you read what I said?? Obviously, as your note makes you seem a bit thick!
            • bobbi
              wow sound like a real bitch. hope i don't run into you in a store
            • neatz
              barrie, and orillia are closed but I think Midland is still open
            • Jo-Ann
              My sister and I were lucky enough to grab some bargains at the closeout of Cotton Ginny at the West Edmonton Mall. Its sad to see great stores come to an end.
              • judy a.
                Does the Cotton Ginney on Robson St sell women's clothes or just babies clothes. Are they still open?