Costco Canada: Self-Cleaning Litter Box Only $36

Costco Canada: Self-Cleaning Litter Box Only $36


How much do you hate cleaning litter boxes? I hate it so much, I feel like I can taste it for hours afterward. I want/need this Omega Paw large roll 'n clean self-cleaning litter box, now $8 off at Costco.

When I first got cats I wanted a self-cleaning litter box, but they were all easily over $100. I see the price has dropped immensely, and Costco has it for even cheaper, now only $35.99, was $43.99, including shipping!

Once your cat does its business, the unique patented grill separates the clumped waste and puts it to the side. You just have to empty the tray. It even has a paw cleaning litter mat, which is designed to get the litter out of their paws (so they don't have to wipe it on you as you watch tv).

This box is award winning, but I think they could improve on it, by having it empty its own tray and take the waste to the curb. That would win some awards.

The box also has a cover, which gives the cat privacy, because I hate it when I walk in on them doing their deed and they yell "get out of here you pervert" and slam the door in my face! It just sets a bad tone to our day. The lid also prevents dust and litter from escaping the box, although I can bet my sneaky cats will still find a way to get it all over the place. I'm going to also say this will keep your dog from having a mid-day snack and then relishing your child with kisses.

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