Costco Canada Promo Codes: Free $20 WaySpa or Bon Appetit e-card With Sign-Up

Costco Canada Promo Codes: Free $20 WaySpa or Bon Appetit e-card With Sign-Up


Sign up online for a new Costco membership, using the promo codes below and you'll get either a free $20 WaySpa gift certificate or a $20 Bon Appetit e-card.

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  • Coupon Code: EXEC69
  • Discount: $20 gift card with executive membership
  • Coupon Code: GSWEB99
  • Discount: $20 gift card with gold star membership
  • Expiry: 20th April 2014

This deal ticks me off just a little. I just signed up for a membership this week after not having one for a few years. My purpose was to purchase some waterpark passes, which were basically 50% off what you pay at the door. Unfortunately, after signing up, I didn't have enough in my bank to cover the passes until after payday, so I was going to pick up the passes on the way to the waterpark. Unfortunately again, once I got close to Niagara, they didn't have the passes at that location (as they say it was only a deal for the other regions to promote coming to Niagara). I could have went online and bought them and then printed them at my hotel's business centre, but decided to just pay the full price. Anyway, since I still haven't bought anything with my membership, I'm going to see if I can still score the free gift cards since no one told me about the promotion when I got my membership.

The moral of my story is that you - the Mooser - can take part in this deal, as it is actually a really good one. When I was looking through Costco, I remembered how much I loved shopping there and how much cheaper the prices are there than other places. I used to have an executive membership, which is $110 and gives you back 2% of all your purchases. I always paid for my membership within the year. If you didn't want to spend $110, you could get the gold star, which is $55.

People often ask me if it is worth it to pay for a membership and really, that all depends on how much you shop and how good your willpower is. Costco is notorious for people over-shopping, including myself, so if you can go, get what you need, use what you bought and you shop often, then it is definitely a deal. If you stop in the middle aisles and buy clothing you don't need (because it really is a great price) or some small appliance you won't use, then stop yourself now. Buying items online is really great because they offer free shipping on everything!

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