Costco Canada: Garmin GPS Only $140

Costco Canada: Garmin GPS Only $140


Costco has a fantastic deal on the Garmin nuvi 3490LMT GPS with lifetime maps. It is selling for $139.99 and sells for quite a bit more on other sites like Amazon, where it sells for $223, Tiger Direct, where it sells for $155 and ebay where it sells for $140 U.S. plus $40 shipping. As always, you'll get this shipped free from Costco too.

While GPS systems can really be the bane of my existence, a good one can really be a lifesaver. This one seems have all the bells and whistles you need to get yourself in good time from point A to point B. These features include lane assist (because I hate being in the wrong lane when it is time to turn or merge), pedestrian navigation options, hands-free calling and ecoRoute, which calculates the most fuel-effiecient route.

This GPS machine also has an ultra-thin design, so you don't mind adding it to your bag of technology instead of leaving it in your vehicle for potential thieves to take advantage.

There are so many features that this GPS has, I'll let you read them yourself instead of listing them here. I will say the majority of the reviews are fantastic, and people like the lightweight design and that it responds quickly and accurately.

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