Costco Canada: American Comfort Infrared Heater - $99.99

Costco Canada: American Comfort Infrared Heater - $99.99


Costco Canada has a very good deal on the American Comfort Infrared Heater 1500 W. This heater is on sale at Costco Canada for $99.99 with free shipping and handling.

I did a bunch of price comparing to ensure you are getting the best deal on this beauty. I found the heater at several other retailers, but it was hard to find it still in stock!

  • $129 @ Walmart Canada (OOS)
  • $139 @ Staples Canada (OOS)
  • $185 @ Lowes Canada

Yes, any company that has the American Comfort Infrared Heater at a reasonable price is already sold out of the unit. Even so, Costco Canada is selling the unit for $29 less than Walmart's price. I believe the retail price of this unit is closer to Lowe's price.

This is the mother of all heaters. The American Comfort heater will heat up to 92.9 m² (1,000 ft²)  of space so your average one or two bedroom apartment will be all cozy under the power of just one single heater.

Now, the heater has some sweet features. The fireproof black plastic cabinet looks stylish. It will not stand out as an eyesore in your home as ‘that heater’ (like mine do). In addition, it is kid and pet proof ensuring those valuable members of your family do not get burned.

There is a remote control for the unit so you do not need to kneel down each time you want to make adjustments. In addition, the heater comes with adjustable settings including a 12-hour delay start timer, 12-hour delay power off timer, and an auto-on after power failure so you do not freeze the rest of the night.

The ultra-quiet scroll fan will ensure that the noise of your heater will not drown out anything else you are listening to - like the television or music.

Heaters are a great way to save money in the winter. We have highly inefficient baseboard heaters that sit under the draftiest part of our apartment: the windows. Using heaters instead of the baseboard heaters has really cut our energy costs through the winter. Our heaters are much smaller, so I run one wherever I am working and there is one in the bedroom to keep us warm at night.

This offer is part of Costco's 12 Days of Holiday Deals. Each day a few new deals are revealed and all deals are valid until the end of the 12 days or until they sell out.

(Expiry: 14th December 2014)


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