Coleman Instant Screenhouse $138.10 @ Amazon

Coleman Instant Screenhouse $138.10 @ Amazon

If you missed out on this offer last time, here is your chance again!

The Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screenhouse is a great way to stay away from the bugs and excess sun whether you're on the beach or in your own back yard. Right now has this Coleman Instant Screenhouse on sale for $138.10 down from $204.

The Coleman Instant Screenhouse is so easy to set up and take down. We have one of these, and I can do it all myself. It takes just a few minutes to do each.

Once set up, you've protected yourself and your family from the bugs and sun. You can keep the doors open, or keep them shut for a mosquito free environment in the evening.

When camping, we use this to store our coolers and food so the racooons don't go helping themselves. Yep, we have had that happen!

Since it is over $35, Amazon Canada will throw in free shipping and handling.


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