Cloud storage for FREE and CHEAP!

Cloud storage for FREE and CHEAP!

Got stuff on your computer? Want stuff on all your computers and devices? Want it for less than anywhere else? Of course you do!

5GB of cloud storage - Free! (Dropbox - 2GB is free + 500MB per person you refer to the service, up to 16GB)

100GB of cloud storage - $4.99/month (Dropbox - 100GB  is $9.99/month + 1GB per person you refer to the service, up to an extra 32GB)

Google offers 5GB, 25GB, 100GB and on the line up to the $800/month 16TB storage option.

Not sure how many moosers follow the tech news like I do but if you do. you've likely already heard of Google's new Google Drive. The Google Drive is essentially Google's version of a cloud storage solution such as, SugarSync or Dropbox. The Google Drive (or G Drive) has been rumoured for a long, long time in various forms but the last few month have seen an uptick in the rumours.

A lot of the pundits are saying that the Google Drive won't kill Dropbox but I disagree. I think people like us moosers will make it tops just because of the amazing pricepoint. On top of that it has integrated Google Docs, Picasa and Google Plus. It also lets other programs hook into it and has the ability to open over 30 different file types from docs to HD Video to Adobe Illustrator files. I'd love to continue on here but this is my deals site gig, not my tech site so I'll stop!

In any event, this isn't a normal N% off deal like you would see on here but it is a deal none the less to go on, get your free or cheap cloud storage.


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  • Anna
    I was pricing Dropbox last week to store a backup of all my digital photos, and it was very expensive, I thought. Price comparing for this, but I will probably sign up to a subscription on this one :) Thanks Shawn!
    • Strider
      There is always more than a price point when it comes to services. Much of Google Drive's features only kick in if you've already devoted to other Google services. I don't subscribe to the Google services way, so it provides me with nothing over Dropbox that I see so far. No I haven't tried Google Drive yet... But it seems that anytime I try a service other than Dropbox, I'm disappointed. Through referrals and participation in other programs I'm up to 18GB free. It just works, VERY well - on all my devices. I would not be surprised if Dropbox changes it's pricing to compete. It already did so with it's referral program - going as far as to retroactively increasing the space. Lastly consider Google's way of dropping services that "isn't making the grade". It's becoming more of an issue as time goes by.
      • Anna
        "Lastly consider Google’s way of dropping services that “isn’t making the grade”. It’s becoming more of an issue as time goes by." I was thinking of that too. Like, what happens if you are using google for all this storage and Google Drive just doesn't work well for them.
        • tanyaewa
          I am not able to sign up yet - they will *notify me* when the drive is ready.... Hmmmm
          • Abby
            The Dropbox comparison depends, though... I've got over 10 gigs of free Dropbox space. Some was from being loyal in early days, some from referrals, some from the quick start guide (, etc. I use Dropbox very intensively and frequently, particularly the shared folded feature, and it's worked so well for over four years that I'm very unlikely to switch anytime soon!