Clarivue: Free Shipping + 10% Off

Clarivue: Free Shipping + 10% Off


Clarivue is a brand new company to the Bargainmoose that sells screen protectors and cases for cell phones and tablets. They are a US company but they ship all Canadian orders from within Canada: from BC to be exact. They also offer free shipping on 99% of what they sell so they are a store I just had to mention.

I am a huge fan of screen protectors. My current one has been working its butt off for nearly a year and it is still going strong. It has prevented many a scratch and even a couple gouges from coming in contact with my actual screen. I absolutely recommend them if you do not currently use one. Have an iPhone 5? Screen protectors for it start at just $14.99 USD on sale (for a two pack). There are different kinds of protectors depending on what you need. Pick from ultra-clear, anti-glare, privacy, and more features.

When you buy three or more items at Clarivue you will also receive 10% off your order. This promotion is ongoing and does not seem to end.

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