Cineplex Store Canada: B1G1 Women Of Comedies Movies

Cineplex Store Canada: B1G1 Women Of Comedies Movies

Buy one female comedy movie and get one free at the Cineplex Store online right now.

Female funny women are so hot right now. There are so many funny movies out there with strong and hilarious female leads. If you want to have a collection of these movies, now is the time when you can buy one and get one free.

Some of my all-time favourite female comedies include:

  • Bridesmaids - probably the best wedding movie out there, the airplane scene kills me - $18.99
  • Bridgit Jones's Diary - every single woman out there should see this - $18.99
  • Overboard - saw this as a kid and watched it over a dozen times. I wanted to be Goldie Hawn! - $13.99
  • Date Night - so many reasons why this movie rocks. When asked if I have a reservation at a restaurant, I often want to give the name Triplehorn - $13.99
  • Identity Thief- I haven't seen it yet, but it is next on my list of must-see movies - $22.99

Another awesome part of this deal is that shipping is free!

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