Cineplex Store: 1,000 Bonus Scene Points With Purchase

Cineplex Store: 1,000 Bonus Scene Points With Purchase


Earn a bonus 1,000 Scene points when you download select movies at the Cineplex store before the end of the month.

1,000 Scene points is redeemable for an entire movie admission but the value varies depending on what province you are in. However, it is a pretty great bonus for buying a movie from the Cineplex Store online. The offer is only available on select titles in Download-To-Own, DVD, and/or Blu-Ray selections. It will say right on the movie in a little red box "scene bonus".

You can get the digital copy of Thor: The Dark Worldfor just $17.49 in standard definition and it comes with the regular 90 Scene points and then the bonus 1000 Scene points. You can also buy the physical versions as well. I did not have time to see the movie when it was in theatres but I want to.

Have you ever bought from the Cineplex store? I haven't yet but given this offer I am thinking it might be a great way to pick up the movies I am missing from my collection. Our nearest theatre is owned by Cineplex and I do so love free movies.

(Expiry: 28th February 2014)


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  • Gregson L.
    Hi have purchased quite a few movies from Cineplex, often when they've had promotions on that involve either free movie tickets and/or points, and free shipping. They have come through with flying colours - excellent customer service when things go wrong, and the fastest delivery times, besting even and I was sent a single disc blu ray of "Ted" last year, when I had ordered the two disc Blu-ray/DVD combo. Not only did they send me the correct version the very next day, they provided a return envelope for the disc sent in error, along with an 'admit one' movie pass as an apology! I recently received the movie "Rush" in the mail a full 3 days before it's release date in stores, as I had it pre-ordered during a pre-Christmas promotion. Buying a movie through their site when they have a promotion such as this on is often a very good deal, as here in Guelph, ON a full price admission ticket at Galaxy is $10.99. Prices on brand new movies are often higher though, so select your films wisely and you will always end up in the plus in the long run. Gregson
    • Avigayil M.
      Thanks for the feedback! I am certainly going to look into buying movies there.