This Chow Crown Game is Officially in Canada

This Chow Crown Game is Officially in Canada

This might be one of the most ridiculous party games I've seen – but I bet it would be a fun one to play with your family over Christmas.

Chow Crown is all about goofy, hands-free eating – and it's now available in Canada.

When it's your turn, attach food to all the forks hanging from the crown and then place the whole thing on your head. Wait for the music to start and the crown to spin – and then dig in! Eat as many things as you can before the music stops to win.

It might not be the most convenient way to grab a snack, but it'll definitely get a laugh.

Obviously, food is not included with the game, so you'll need to do a little grocery shopping before you can get started. However, that means you can choose almost anything to hang from the crown, so you can fill it up with everyone's favourite treats.

Wondering where to buy Chow Crown in Canada? We took a look around, and most stores have the game for just under $25. The best price of all is at Party City Canada (where it's $19.99), but keep in mind that they charge $9.95 for shipping on orders over $75.

You can also find the Chow Crown game at Chapters Indigo ($24.95), Toys R Us Canada ($24.99) and Amazon Canada (on sale for $24.93 from $32.24), as well as a few other stores.


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