Checkout 51 & Snapsaves Offers

Checkout 51 & Snapsaves Offers


Today starts another week of great rebate offers from both Snapsaves and Checkout 51.  The Checkout 51 offers will have the same expiry date for all offers but the Snapsaves offers will have different expiry and start dates listed.  All of these offers will get you money back on your grocery purchases.

Here is a breakdown of some of the deals this time around:

Thursday March 27th

  • Arctic Gardens Vegetables- $1 cash back (Exp April 1st)
  • Raspberries Expires- $1 cash back  (Exp April 1st)

Friday March 28th

  • Synder’s of Hanover Pretzels- $1 cash back (Exp April 2nd)
  • Carl Buddig Sliced Meat- $1 cash back (Exp April 2nd)

Saturday March 29th

  • Fresh Salmon- $1 cash back (Exp April 3rd)
  • Bok Choy- $1 cash back (Exp April 3rd)

Sunday March 30th

  • Bloo Blueberry Juice- $1 cash back (Exp April 4th)
  • Kimberley’s Cupcakes- $1 cash back (Exp April 4th)

Monday March 31st

  • Casbah Organic Side Dish- $1 cash back (Exp April 5th)
  • Riceworks Crisps- $1 cash back (Exp April 5th)

Tuesday April 1st

  • Fontaine Sante Hummus- $1 cash back (Exp April 6th)
  • Furlani Texas Garlic Toast- $1 cash back (Exp April 6th)

Checkout51 also has some really great offers worth checking out. All of the Checkout51 offers will be valid until April 2nd 2014.

Here are just a few of the offers you will see:

  • Thai Kitchen or Simply Asia products- $1 cash back
  • Klondike Ice Cream Multipack- $1 cash back
  • LISTERINE TOTAL CARE- $1 cash back
  • Vector Protein Chewy Bars- $1 cash back
  • All-Bran cereal bars- $1 cash back
  • AXE face care- $1 cash back
  • Lipton tea- $1 cash back
  • Special K Protein cereal- $1 cash back

There are plenty more offers for Checkout51 to take advantage of this week.  It may seem like all of their offers are $1 cash back but they do have other values available as well.


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